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Mike Brown’s Criminal Arrest Record since Turning 18

Note that he also has a juvie criminal record that is sealed.

Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD


Click on “Case Number Search” – Enter “13SL-CR12675-1” (without the quotes) in the “Case Number:” box. Click “Find”.

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Conversation Recorded by Bystander Just Moments After Michael Brown Shooting Casts Doubt on Claims the Teen Surrendered to Officer Darren Wilson

James Nye, Daily Mail (London)

Previously unnoticed audio from a video recorded in the chaotic moments after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting last Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri, could help back up Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events.

Overheard while one man films the gruesome aftermath of Brown’s daylight shooting, the barely discernible audio is of one unseen man recounting the alleged version of events that he saw to another man, off camera, while bystanders scream and shout at police to assist the stricken 18-year-old.

At around the six minute and 30 second mark in the 10 minute long video, one man is just heard over raucous shouting asking another how Brown ended up at least 30-feet away from the police squad car that presumably was being driven by Wilson.

The first man explains to the second man that Brown was there because he had previously been inside the police car and run, which contradicts what the teens friend, Dorian Johnson, has told police and in interviews.

Johnson has said that Brown was not ever inside Officer Wilson’s police car before the shooting.

Johnson alleges that Wilson exited his car and struck 6ft 4inch Brown as he was trying to open the door, setting off the calamitous series of events that ended with Brown running from a shooting Wilson, before turning with his hands raised in surrender before being gunned down.

The audio heard in the video gives a different version of events.
Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Gentle Giant’: Mike Brown’s Explicit Rap Songs Praising Drugs, Drinking, Ho’s & Murder

Clash Daily

mb1Well, this kind of destroys the ‘gentle giant’ narrative spun in the media. Here are some of his songs with the lyrics underneath via Soopermexican:

08/05/14 Free$tyle Big’Mike:

In this rap song, one of the rappers talks about killing someone and seeing them “layin’ across the street.” The victim is said to be “mashed up and black” like a goblin so “there ain’t describing him.”

With this Glock in your face

And you betta not make a sound

And I only like white men on my money [???]

Those who are last shall be first,

Whites on the bottom

He musta walked up and unloaded because there was no stopping him

Somebody else layin’ across the street, must be his partner


[Editor's Note: You can listen to some of Brown's rap songs at the original article link below.]

Original Article

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17 Year old Black Teen Pleads Not Guilty of Savage Murder

Family says that Daniel Ruffin was a good Christian man who loved Jesus and was friendly and kind to all.

Arthur L. Hicks Jr., a seventeen year old black male plead not guilty on Monday to capitql murder charges in the murder of  twenty year old Daniel Ruffin who was walking his dog in Stuttgart on July 22.  As he passed by a group of black males, one of them pulled a gun and shot him.  Neither parties apparently knew each other and some local residents say this was a weaponized version of the Knockout Game also called Polar Bear Hunting in which blacks choose a white victim at random and then knock them out.  The “game” has resulted in the death of numerous individuals.

 While Hicks was arrested and charged two of the accomplices were allegedly arrested and quietly set free without charges. The police chief is black and local residents claim one of the accomplices is his own son.


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Violence Continues Near St. Louis after Cop Kills Man in Self-Defense

Widespread violence continued a second night as more arrests were made in the majority black St. Louis suberb of Ferguson.  Rioters and looters descended upon convencience stores for the second night.  A Wal-mart, a boutique, a cell phone store, and a check cashing business, are among those in the city that have been destroyed so far.  Others in St. Louis are shocked that the black residents are pillaging their own neighborhood.

White citizens are scared that they will become targets of unbridled rage after a local cop shot a 6 foot 4 black man in self-defense after being attacked and shoved into his own patrol car.  The officer had told  Mike Brown and a friend not to walk down the middle of the street.  They could possibly be hit by a car and no doubt the race of the two did not factor into the instructions to remove themselves.  It is common knowledge that pedestrians are not supposed to walk down the middle of roads. The race of the officer who was attacked will be announced today at a press conference.  Whether white or non-white, police officers know that black neighborhoods are the most dangerous for cops to patrol as there is little regard for law and order.

Update: Police say they won’t name the police officer who shot the man because of numerous death threats to the officer and fellow police. The attorney for the Brown family says it was an outright execution. And two black witnesses say the cop stood over the man and repeatedly shot him. In view of the aggressive nature of Eric Holder’s stance toward investigative police work or what they term “racial profiling” it is highly unlikely that a white officer stood over a black man in the middle of a busy city – in the street – and shot a man over and over again. This isn’t the first time Al Sharpton has jumped to the defense of trumped up allegations against police. Google Tawana Brawley.

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White students in the Minority

Kimberly Hefling and Jesse J. Holland, Boston Globe 


For the first time ever, US public schools are projected to have more minority students than non-Hispanic whites, a shift largely fueled by growth in the number of Hispanic children.

Non-Hispanic white students are still expected to be the largest racial group in the public schools this year at 49.8 percent. But according to the National Center for Education Statistics, minority students, when added together, will now make up the majority.  Read the rest of this entry »

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White Teacher Wins $350,000 in Bias Lawsuit Against Maryland School

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart 

A white teacher who said he suffered years of race-based abuse from his black boss at a Maryland High School was awarded $350,000 this month after he sued the school system for racial bias.

Former Prince George’s County teacher Jon Everhart claimed that the principal at Largo High School repeatedly called him racist names and constantly told him and others she intended to fire him because he is white.

“She called me ‘poor white trash’ and ‘white b—-,’ ” Everhart, 65, said of Largo principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus. “Her behavior was so outlandish.”  Read the rest of this entry »

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Sacramento Taxi Drivers Say English Test Requirement Is Setting Them Up for Failure

Taxi drivers required to pass an English test to renew their permits in Sacramento say they’re being set up for failure.

Part of a newly passed ordinance that recently went into effect requires drivers to know a certain level of English. The city says the requirement came from passenger complaints.

“We received a number of complaints from passengers that they couldn’t communicate with the driver of where they need to go and what they needed,” said city revenue manager Brad Wasson.
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